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Mobile & Sustainability
6 October 2021, 10-11AM, Zoom

Mobile & Sustainability

Consumer awareness of the mobile industry's environmental impact is growing.

There are more options for the eco-minded consumer now vs 5 years ago. Compostable smartphone accessories, solar powered charging solutions, refurbished handset vendors and green telecom providers are just some of the options available on the market today.

Sustainable brands are still faced with a tremendous challenge.

Today's mobile market is a perfect storm of consumers wanting faster, more powerful handsets for gaming and movies on the go, new models that can handle 5G, premium brand perception, and the temptation to 'renew and get the latest & best handset'. A highly efficient business model.

It's an interesting time in the mobile sector

2020 was a turbulent year for smartphone sales globally, and the current chip shortage is having a knock on effect on prices and availability. The Jio smartphone looks set to go on sale in India for $50 (most likely at a loss and with Google backing the initiative) while the latest Apple iPhone 13 Max is likely to cost upwards of £999. Refurbished mobile sales are up and handset rental platforms are entering the mainstream.

Fuelled by the startling findings in the IPCC 2021 report, are consumers poised to change their buying habits and make more sustainable choices? Will the major players in the industry instigate real change or put profits ahead of adopting a more ethical approach? 

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