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3 green consumer tech crowdfunding campaigns to look out for

There's plenty of awesome green consumer tech vying for attention on crowdfunding platforms. I've picked out three interesting products that would make a great addition to any home.

1. PICO - a garden in your palm

Hydroponics is interesting category with lots of innovation and choice in the consumer space. I got a Parrot Flower Power many years ago but soon forgot about it and now it's impossible to update the firmware (product has since been discontinued. Rant over). More recently, a lot of the brands I've come across (online and at the IFA show, Berlin) have offered medium to large size units with nothing ideal for people living small apartments. Enter the PICO! At 8.2cm wide and 11cm tall, the PICO is a wall mountable smart plant pot. Large enough for one plant, the PICO is a great device for people with limited amount of space to bring plants into any room. What I really like is that it has its own watering system (you only need to top up once a week) and an adjustable LED light so you can move the plant's light source as it grows. The PICO is powered by USB-C and comes with 2 USB ports.

I see this being a hit for people who want to have their favourite herb(s) looked after along with the growing number of home cocktail makers, and of course anyone who wants some greenery in sunlight starved rooms. It also looks pretty cool on your kitchen wall or fridge door, especially if you rig up 3 or 4 in a row.

PICO recently closed a successful campaign on Kickstarter and have started another on indiegogo so there's still a chance to grab one at a discounted rate. - Pico on indiegogo

2. Aura Air - Smart Air Purifier

The air purifier category is choc full of great brands and quality products so it's a tough task to launch a product that's going to stand out from the crowd.

The Aura Air is an interesting proposition for two reasons. Firstly, it purports to offer a complete air purification solution. Detection - Notification - Solution. Claiming to be the world's first air solution, the Aura Air combines the functionality of an air detector, purifier, smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector into one device to seek out airborne nasties in your house or apartment.

The Aura Air also monitors outdoor air quality - good to know if you just want to open the window for some fresh air! Users can access and monitor air quality data via the Aura Air app but what's great is that when air quality drops below an acceptable level, you receive a notification and then the Aura Air kicks in and gets to work cleaning the air.

Secondly, the design concept is great. Similar in look to a smoke alarm or smart home hub, the Aura Air can be fixed to the wall or ceiling, so it's out of the way and suitably discreet.

The smart air purifier category is fast moving and competitive so deeper analysis of market is necessary to really qualify Aura's claims but I like their positioning and for consumers it's easy to understand and use.

The Aura Air reached its target on kickstarter and has launched a second campaign on indiegogo - click here

3. Mahaton Bottle Wireless Charging Water Purifier

Water bottles and clean water solutions are readily available in today's market. What sets the Mahaton apart is that it claims to be the world's first wireless charging self cleaning bottle. The UVC-LED light (NASA uses this tech) inside the lid and the touch switch on top (a world first, apparently) to activate the cleaning function puts the clever into the bottle.

It takes 90 seconds to purify 350ml (bottle's capacity) and yes you can take water from a stream, river, or other source and it will remove all the bacteria. It does not however take out the really nasty stuff that makes its way into the water supply such as heavy metals. The bottle comes with a USB-C cable for charging which takes 6-8 hours.

I like the idea of having the water bottle to hand on holiday when you want to use a local water fountain or other supply but are worried about how clean it is. With a click of a button, it's good to drink. How reassuring.

The Mahaton bottle is live on kickstarter now - click here


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